Here are some of the ways Starline Cabinets has Gone Green:

Starline Cabinets - Goes Green

While investing in your home, there is no reason you can´t invest in the environment at the same time. Traditionally the manufacturing of cabinets has been a strain on the environment, despite using a renewable resources.

Starline Cabinets has committed to optimizing its manufacturing process with the latest technology that allows us to be more efficient and a better steward of the environment.

Starline Cabinets - CNC Technology

Using the latest in computer optimization and CNC technology minimizes waste when cutting.

Starline Cabinets - Spray Booth

Our automatic spray mixing equipment minimizes the waste caused by mixing too much lacquer and not using all of it.

Starline Cabinets - Sanding

All of Starline Cabinet’s finishes are H.A.P.S (Hazardous Air Pollutants) free!!

Starline Cabinets - Edge Tape Machine

Our custom computerized edging machine minimizes any surplus materials produced and therefore saves on wastage.

Starline Cabinets - Shop

Inside our workshop we also use a solvent recycler which converts expired lacquers and stains into a solvent cleaner that is then re-used to clean spray equipment and other areas.

Starline Cabinets - Green Kitchen

Starline Cabinets can make an entire green kitchen with a Green Guard seal at the clients request.

Case Study:

Starline Cabinets is willing to go the extra mile for any customer. Recently a client indicated an allergy to common cabinet finishes, so Starline Cabinets finished their cabinets and stored them for 28 days before installation. This allowed the cabinets to cure completely, resulting in a very satisfied customer.